Open vs. Closed MRI’s

While the thought of having to go through the process of getting an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) can be stressful and anxiety inducing to some folks, it doesn’t always have to be such a stressful experience. A lot of people going through the process for the first time aren’t aware of an open MRI scanner, which makes the MRI process a lot smoother, less panic-inducing for those who may be claustrophobic in a closed MRI scanner, and even a better option for children who may panic at the notion of being put in a closed-off machine for any amount of time.

The Benefits of Open MRI Scanning

open MRI scanner

·    Patients won’t feel so trapped. In a closed MRI scanner, it is very easy for some folks to feel anxious, trapped, and claustrophobic. Open MRI scanners are open all four sides, enabling the patient to feel more relaxed, able to see what is going on, and not feel like they are trapped in a tube. Going into the procedure with peace of mind makes the whole process of getting an MRI much easier for folks who may deal with these issues.

·    Easier access for patients of all sizes. Closed MRI machines can often not accommodate patients with a larger physical structure, or patients of certain weights. Open MRI scanners offer easier access to MRI procedures for patients of all sizes and shapes, affording them the same care as anyone else.

·    Much easier for children than a closed MRI environment. Let’s face it, kids can get scared easily. The thought of being closed off in a cylinder for any length of time without the ability to see anyone or anything is a hard thought for a lot of adults to deal with, let alone younger children. Open MRI scans allow kids to be able to see not only around them, but also see their parents, something that can be highly comforting to children, and their parents being there with them can help keep them calm and guide them through easily until the procedure is done.