Common Signs You Need Braces

Do you need dental braces to correct oral health problems? So often, people who need braces aren’t aware that this device could straighten their crooked teeth or help with other misalignment issues. Don’t include yourself in this crowd and learn how to identify potential signs that you need dental braces.

Crowded Teeth

Crowded teeth is the first sign that you need dental braces menifee. It’s the sign that sends most people to the orthodontist as well. Although crowded teeth is a cosmetic problem that may cause embarrassment, it goes far deeper than the appearance and can affect health threats and even make eating difficult.

Bite Problems

dental braces menifee

Your bite is the way that your upper teeth meet the lower teeth when your mouth is closed. Approximately 70% of the U.S. population has a malocclusion that stops them from properly closing their mouths. If you’re among them, dentists offer braces as a solution to correct the problem.


Gaps between the teeth is a sign that the upper and lower jaws are not fitting together as they should. This condition known as a malocclusion. There are numerous causes of gaps in the teeth, ranging from genetics to thumb sucking and others.

Jaw Pain

Jaw pain and headaches coincide when a misaligned bite affects your oral health. This is another common problem that many people endure, but one that can also be resolved with the help of dental braces.  Jaw Pain can cause a painful condition known as TMJ disorder, so it’s important to visit the dentist if you experience jaw pain.

Although an incomplete list of reasons why you may need dental braces, this is some of the most common reasons a person needs dental braces. Schedule an appointment with your dentist to reduce oral health concerns.